Interchangeable Floating Locket Lanyard Badge Holder With 6 Free Charms By BG247®

Brand: BG247®

  • $ 26.95


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  •  Put Your Face Plate Choices In The Gift Section.

Click on the following links to view the available charms and plates:

Product Details:

These lockets have a twisting locking mechanism and are made of stainless steel. They can be opened, and you can switch out different charms and pictures as you please. A cute and dainty accessory to your everyday outfits, as well as a keepsake gift to your loved ones. This product is a favorite among our customers, and they love the ability to make customizable gifts.


"Please input your charm choices in the Gift Box when you check out".

  • To select the charms, please provide us with the charm codes; for example B1, B93, B239, B110 and the plate selection; such as G12.
  • This lanyard locket is 30mm on the outside and fits 6 mini charms and 1 plate inside.
  • For the Face Plate selections, please be sure to list the names of the different colors you would like.
  • It includes a badge holder at the bottom of the locket, as well as an extended over the neck matching chain.
  • Place pictures of loved ones inside locket, charms and picture can be changed
  • IMPORTANT: Random selection of charms will be shipped if you don't provide to us your choices of charms within 48 hours.

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